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 RavenMikuna's RPC

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PostSubject: RavenMikuna's RPC   RavenMikuna's RPC I_icon_minitimeWed May 15, 2013 4:56 am

Raven Hyrule Mikuna

Elven Vampire
RavenMikuna's RPC KarenaYukino_zps1ecca09f

B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n

NameRaven Hyrule Mikuna
Apparent Age and True AgeLooks 23 years old/Is 200 years old
RaceHalf elf Half vampire
Relationship StatusSingle

M o r e I n f o r m a t i o n

Height/Weight6'2 and 150lb(12% body fat)
Body Buildcurvy slim athletic slightly muscular
Eye Colorvivid gold
Hair Colorwhite
♥ Blood
♥ Hunting
♥ men
♥ women
♥ fighting
✖ Idiots
✖ Cowards
✖ Her past
✖ Being betrayed
✖ rape
PersonalityRaven is flirty seductive dominant. She is the type to play with her prey until she earns their trust and strikes when they are most vulnerable. Sneaking and very elusive she loves to make those she does not like paranoid by getting in their head with mind games. As a child she was raised to believe that vampires and werewolfs are mortal enemies. She was taught that they killed each other on site, but she loves furry beings. She has a soft spot for injured animals and even ignores her blood lust to hurt small and defenseless creatures. She is a complex hybrid.
BioRaven is an elf vampire mix that was born from an elf male and a vampire female. She has features from both ranging from the pointed ears of an elf and the white hair of a vampire. As a child she was a real trouble maker seducing the boys in her classes and teasing the females. She loved how she was always the hottest of her classes. The elf part of her loved nature and because of that learned how to control nature and the plant life around her and the area she lived in. The vampire part of her loved the night sky. Falling in love with the moon. As she grew up her figure drastically changed from being mildly sexy to every male and female to being the hottest of her family and race. She was the role model of the females due to her authorities nature was mixed in with her lust for blood. Even with this she had a kind side of her. This was the elf in her she had a knack of finding small creatures that were hurt and treating them back to full health. Because of this she became a hunter and tracker with a custom made attire for her. This was designed to use her features against her enemies. She had a custom made bow with arrows made for her. A quiver with 50 arrows is always on her back. When shes out hunting in the daylight she is o often seen wearing a dark full body cloak. This hides her body and the curvy figure she has. Some say she had implants but everything about her was and still is all natural. The swords she carries are sharp and lightweight. It is when the night dawns on the land that the hunter within Raven awakens. She can still hunt when the suns out but she has to be wary of her surroundings. The hybrid usually conceals herself with plants and plant life alike. One day when Raven was hunting she was hungry and wanted blood. When she bit into a deer she killed she noticed when she had taken her fangs out of the animal to discover a pink substance that oozed out of her fangs. She was curious of this and tested it out on one of her friends. She realized that her pink fluid that her fangs produced was a highly potent love drug. Her friend that she tested it out would not stop trying to seduce and bed her. After a while the drug had worn off so Raven left. Being with many women she knows how to pleasure women. She also has pleasured many men but has never allowed one to penetrate her. She still keeps her virginity for the male sex organ intact. During her years being around her race she has learned and mastered the art of both black magic and white magic making her a very scary hybrid to cross. One day while hunting she was in the middle of stalking an buck when she discovered a portal. Curious she uses her power and traps the deer and feeds on it. After eating she decides to enter the portal and finds herself in a new place. How will this hybrid fit in.
Traits Archery master dual sword combat expert. Hand to hand combat expert. Expert tracker hunter and trapper. Stealthy. Expert in hit and run tactics and assassinations.
Flaws Sucks at cooking and house hold chores. Not very well when it comes to fighting in the daylight. Unable to fight in crowded areas.
Special Abilities
{{Enhanced Strength}}
{{Enhanced Speed}}
{{Enhanced Agility}}
{{Enhanced Endurance}}
{{High Healing}} this ability needs blood to activate.
{{Enhanced senses}}
{{White and black magic mastery}}
{{Blood Manipulation}} Used as a boost for her healing
{{Nature manipulation and control.}}
Weakness Shes weak to sunlight. In the day she usually hides due to the fact she gets dizzy and is easy to get heat stroke in the daylight. She needs to feed on blood at least once a day to keep her strength up. If she gets too injured in battle and can’t find a blood source she will faint from blood loss and could very well die if her wounds are not treated. Sonic sounds and high pitched sounds can stun her due to her keen hearing.

O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n

FearsDeath. Being raped. Broken heart.
FamilyAll dead.
ExtraShe carries a bow and a quiver of 50 arrows. On her back. She carries her elven katanas on her waist. Her main vampire fangs produce a venom that wont kill. This venom is like a very potent aphrodisiac. On the other hand she only uses it on potential lovers. Being bi means no gender is safe. Due to personal reasons she is unable to get pregnant.
Motto(s)If it can bleed it can die..... There is no escape from my seducing grasp..... If you mess with me you will be biting off more than you can chew...
Created ByRavenMikuna
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RavenMikuna's RPC
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