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 Oasis District

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Sakura Lunaris

Sakura Lunaris

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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 6:36 am

Oasis District - Page 5 7c0560b9-1c76-4b68-a3d6-b9a72cfb414e_zpsaa3932cc
Oasis District - Page 5 Aeos_zpsfe01ca8f

Across the sea of time I wander, a song in my heart and my gaze ever onwards
Oasis District - Page 5 Jewel
۞Where am I?I am leaving the city.
۞Who's with me?Blackie, Rius, Gaius, Dalaga, Jabes, Tartreg.
۞How do I feel?Thoughtful, Mischievous, Energetic, Patient.
۞What's on my mind?I'm will return to you soon...

Oasis District - Page 5 DIVIDERBARBLUE_zps9a5f442e
Aeos listened to each of them in turn, offering a thankful dip of her head towards that of Tartreg for his intervention at answering so many questions as she rose to her feet and stretched once more, a slight smile on her face as she began to feel her mischievous side tugging at her one more. Now that unpleasant business is out of the way I think it's time we can begin~♪ As she stood, Aeos looked over to the small assembly, her smile shifting into one that was sly and filled with mischief. "Now then...I'll meet you who decide to come along in hell so don't keep a lady waiting~♪." she called out then making her way over to where Rius was standing near Gaius, lifted the small grimore into her arms and a laugh escaped her lips as she held him up in the air and then appeared to vanish as though she were but a ghost, leaving naught in her wake but the others to do as they desired and await the arrivals in the barren lands beyond.
Oasis District - Page 5 DIVIDERBARBLUE_zps9a5f442e



Oasis District - Page 5 Big_4974347
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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 8:46 am

Oasis District - Page 5 Ca345810
The Concalefactorius Twilight Fragment (Grimoire)
Bound to: Aeos
Grimoire Form: Creature
"A Grimoire of the Twilight, Reflecting both the sun and moon in its form and power, it serves only the one name it is bound to. "

Rius turned his head to the side with a huff, "you can forget about knowing what blackie said then... meanie... But Rius knows Mistress would only ask it later" Rius speaks with an eye turning to look at Gaius from the corner before turning his head even further to glance upon Aeos as she walks over, she had a look in her eye and one he knew well, he backed up a little with a gasp as she drew closer, "w-w-w-w-wait... m-Mistress!... no... no... not this again..." he cried out as hes picked up by aeos, the moment she grabbed him his claws begin flailing about as he reaches for the ground, "gah...ta...nyaaa... ack... n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no... no... no..." he cries again helpless to grab a foot hold as hes whisked off the ground picked up and lifted into the air, as she laughed and quickly disappearing, taking him along with her, it was almost like Rius had just been abducted but by his own master and being picked up was apparently something he didn't quite like or at least being forcefully whisked off from the ground.


Yukino Pashiaka Nustalu
A Blind Mystic and Shaman with a strong connection to Spirits, Nature and life, he acts as a Guide for those who Find them selves lost or for those who seek his Council, for Yukino see's many things yet none are certain in which will become set in stone.

Reynardine "Rash" Sarbet
The Legendary Trickster who bends everything, From Time and Space, To Reality and Nature to his Rules, The Mysterious Tower is His Domain and home to a Series of Tests, Will you Seek his Tower and Face Its Trial's? or Challenge the Trickster Him self?

Vatni Dragon (Aquatic Dragon)
Out of place, out of Time, This Small Stowaway is in for another [i]Big
adventure, but how will he fair when facing his Greatest Rival and Nemesis yet? The Jewel of the Desert Sands, Sonne, City of the Sun.
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Dalaga Helios

Dalaga Helios

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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 11:54 am

Dalaga seemed a bit distracted but made no mention of it,following Aeos' movement with his eyes, chuckling lightly at her treatment of Rius. He patted down his breast pocket to be sure everything was in order, straightening his coat before moving off in the direction he could feel her in, finding no need to be quick, a walking pace would be enough, he could always use that ability if he needed to move to her in a hurry.

(Exit. Couldn't really think of anything else to say here lol)

"one day they will all learn what has befallen them, I look forward to their expressions."
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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 1:27 pm

Oasis District - Page 5 86f41a07-c847-4808-a009-a0e4009311ed_zps3i7gdmc4


Where am I?Oasis District
Who's with me?Spaceman Tartreg, The mangy mutt, diseased-broken-sword, and the assassin who's skills I doubt because reasons.
What am I thinking?Well, best get started

The aresenal:

Oasis District - Page 5 Goldswirlredgem2DIVIDERBAR

Gaius sighed and shook his head, lifting Eternity off of his back and walking off towards the distance. "See you all in Hell." He called back to everyone, in a non threatening, playful, totally not at all foreboding way. His voice was just tired of walking off to find people, it was getting annoying leaving with no trace. Just because he was a demon part way didn't mean he had extra sensory powers to find his way there. He would no doubt be telling her as much when he found her. Passing by a demon acting rather predatory as it followed a human, he calmly beheaded the beast on his way to the outskirts.

<City outskirts>
"" ...

Oasis District - Page 5 Goldswirlredgem2DIVIDERBAR


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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 2:37 pm

Tartreg, still subconsciously playing with the colorful fire, continued to sit upside down in the air as he set his gaze intently upon the group. He watched as Aeos nodded at him in appreciation. I wonder if she realizes I did it to end my boredom faster... Probably thinks I said all that for her... Haha. Can't be helped I guess, he thought to himself.

Then Aeos made her move. She disappeared with her Grimoire. The Ninja Assassin left only a slight moment after her. Tartreg thought again to himself, Finally! Things are moving forward a bit. Sometimes all that is needed is a little nudge in the right direction I always say! He continued to watch as a few more started off after her. He then stopped playing with his flame.

He rotated himself in mid-air so that he was sitting upright and facing the direction Aeos had moved off too. The colorful flame floated in the air in front of his solar plexus chakra. His arms rested at his sides, his forearms rested upon his legs as his hands cupped the flame. He fed some energy from the coil on his back belt through his molecular structure, straight through his Chakra system, and then out through his hands and into the fire. Small but steady beams of electricity connected him to the fire, and the fire grew in size to completely surround his body. As the color changing fire did so, his vision ability changed. Everything in his surrounding went colorless, as if all the color from them was being sucked out for the flames use. At the same time, a small, bright, constant ball of white light stayed in front of him. All of the colors of the flame changed from moving randomly to all flowing towards the small ball of light, as if it were a focal point. In all actuality, it was a small bit of the flame missing. The small bit that was added to Aeos' drink earlier that night. The mother flame was calling out, trying to reunite itself with the part that was away.

Tartreg then opened up his crown chakra to the vibrations around him. His special perceptive ability if you will. With all his knowledge of the elements and his connection to the cosmos, he could utilize that chakra to a point that no other  could, allowing him to move through his connection to any location he desired. He did this now, his crown chakra connecting to the vibrations all around him and flowing at incredible speeds to the location of the borrowed flame. A moment later, his connection stopped upon the location of Aeos, the ninja assassin, and the grimore. This connection, flowing to him and through him, as he was connected to it and the cosmos, as it and the cosmos were connected to him, one and the same, showed up on his skin. He moved the cube out and expanded it, the location transferring to the cube as it passed through him. At the same time he shrunk the flame down and put it back in its home, having no more use for it now that he had his location.

Tartreg thought to himself, I wonder if she remembers yet.... Oh well. Its of no consequence... if she felt anything at all, it would feel like her own magic tingling anyway... Then, without so much as a worry about who else was going, Tartreg put his hands together. He let the energy out and through his chakras again, focused into his hands. He pulled his hands away, channelling the energy through them and into the atmosphere around him. The energy welded the two locations together at the tear, once again folding space to bring the locations together. As soon as the tear was large enough for him to move through, he returned the box and floated through, out to the middle of nowhere...
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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 4:38 pm

Jabes Tykrel
The Forsaken Warrior

Oasis District - Page 5 Darkest-Dungeon-Characters-2
Darkest Dungeon OST - "Battle in the Warrens"

Jabes had moved off to join the group.

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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeSat May 30, 2015 8:34 am

Oasis District - Page 5 Blackie-W-2_zps4475606d

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ECTHELION BLACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Blackie grimaced, watching the rest of the group slowly head off individually or in small groups. Why Aeos was being so erratic without any explanation, he couldn't understand; but it bothered him to no end. Without any time or ground to lose, he smelled the air and quickly dashed off after his chaotic companion.



A timeless and forgotten place
The moon and sun in endless chase
Each in quiet surrender
While the other reigns the sky

The midnight hour begins to laugh
A summer evening's epitaph
The winds are getting crazy as the storm begins to rise
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Caelum Tsukiyo

Caelum Tsukiyo

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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2015 5:28 am

Calm winds caressed soft relaxed tresses. The how-many-ith time, was this now? So many times, worlds, dimensions....So many had seen His calling. Cerulean globes gazed high into the brightly lit sun kissed sky. The air was thick, it felt, with energy and life. Space shimmered about Him; perhaps it was still adjusting to His presence? It seemed there was always a bit of difficulty for the words' space to adjust smoothly to His comings. His bright globes gleamed and glowed with the soak of the Man's body of the sun and magical plenty. It had been quite a long time since He had existed in a place of such vigor. Not since then. Oh how He missed that moon....He found His eyes lidded, gently shielding His eyes from the light and memory's haze as He reminisced fondly on that pale figure. That is, until He felt it. The curtains rose slowly on the world before His gaze, revealing behind them glowing irises...and slitted pupils....Full masculine lips curled in the makings, hintings, of a smirk upon His cool visage.

"We meet again...."

The solitary thought rolled through His mind with a very special sort of satisfaction. It was not heavy, but it was most certainly there. An energy He'd felt before. Leveling His gaze, pupils again a rather traditional round, He took stock of His surroundings. Markedly better than some of the other locales in which He'd rather spontaneously found Himself; He could have no complaints. That is, at least about the locale. His stomach, on the other hand, was an entirely different story. Either food would need to be found or provided soon or..."other" sustenance would have to be acquired. After all, trans-spacetime-dimensional travel has quite the way of taking it out of one. And so began His search. Perhaps a local pub would do.
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PostSubject: Re: Oasis District   Oasis District - Page 5 I_icon_minitime

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Oasis District
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