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 Heart of the desert.

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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the desert.   Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:15 pm

A steady figure dropped down lightly onto the hot sands before the gilded monolith, the furor from the depthless portal beginning to die down. Glimmering eyes cast a slow glance over the abject surroundings, a hand coming up to comb back stray locks of dark hair, the newcomer's features showing no discernible emotion as they quietly looked over the immediate area. Androgynous, though the long, silky tresses and soft facial features and curves implied some femininity, the newcomer's stance, their stoic physique which held a strength and broadness in their shoulders would appear more manly. This newcomer turned gaze to the blazing sun, staring straight at it, the golden pools of their eyes seeming to drink of the very colour of the great star, before throwing a glance to one of the guards that stood staunchly by the obelisk. The newcomer blinked at the guard and turned away, beginning to put distance between them and the waiting gateway.

But where to, exactly? Not anyone could say, for now, not even the newcomer.

I am Perdition. Perfection...
That which comes at a cost.
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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the desert.   Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:14 am

Kasa Shigoray
Temper: {████}> Strength: Enrage {+1.10x} Focus Dmg: Tail's; 3 {+0.63x}
kasa blinked at the man with a slight bit of confusion, at first it seems like he was being friendly considering what was said earlier but now that she thought of it what was he thinking or at least planning and she had convinced her self he was up to something but that didn't really bother her as she was still pretty worked up... "ya... no shit sherlock, but i would hardly call this a decent injury... more like a lucky burn but you tell me what your thinking and planning and i'll tell you if i feel like reconstructing that face of yours or your friend their in the background for interrupting earlier, ether one will do... if i was to pick, hows that sound?" she snaps back, pulling her arm away from her neck and attempts to crack her knuckes in the palm of the other hand but none make a sound, this lingering power she had built up from the damage sustained during the fight couldn't be held for much longer with it remaining dormant and she would soon have to disperse it one way or another and preferably by hitting something other then a living being though she really didn't mind ether option...

A spirit born of the twilight night, it appears as a Relic and Binds to the one soul, waiting to be found by the chosen even if it has to wait 1000 years ahead time.

Eireson sol
A Mercenary for hire with a twisted fate, thick with blood his aura reflects the trail he leaves behind, thick with blood and crimson red.

A Powerful Divine Spirit born of Fire and Ice, it was said to have been one of four Guardian Pillars for a City lost long ago, now it searches for purpose once again.
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Dalaga Helios


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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the desert.   Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:14 am

(I assume you guys are waiting on me but kind of feel like in needed background at the moment, so I haven't, my post likely would be as long as this ooc here XD)

"one day they will all learn what has befallen them, I look forward to their expressions."
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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the desert.   Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:48 pm

A slight twitch on the strings of existence brought neminis to this small company, leaning languidly in the shadows whilst quietly observing the events unfolding. Neminis held no intention to intervene in any way, standing motionless but for a slow blink every few sparse moments whilst studying the three individuals. Noting the dark one's unease, neminis appeared to focus momentarily on the bag he was carrying, as though seeing what lay inside it.

The slightest tilt of the head, almost an innocent gesture, neminis' eyes narrowed slightly in a sort of curiosity, listening to their exchanges. A small nod, not in agreement nor quite in understanding, but as though in passive acknowledgement, appearing to have seen something others may not.

With nothing further, neminis turned away, quietly putting distance between them and the trio. A dull ache was growing inside, hungry after the interesting journey. It had been a while since a fully satisfying feed, and neminis could sense that this odd land was perfect for a tasty game.


I am Perdition. Perfection...
That which comes at a cost.
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PostSubject: Re: Heart of the desert.   

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Heart of the desert.
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