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 City Outskirts

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Sakura Lunaris

Sakura Lunaris

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PostSubject: City Outskirts   City Outskirts I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 7:09 am

A large sandstone wall rises up on the horizon and encircling the city within, beyond the walls, hard sun-baked earth and rocks lay scattered around as far as the eyes can see. Locals look out beyond their walls and whisper of the creatures beyond the safety of the city, referring to the lands as hell for the heat and desolation it's subjected to. Several small wells can be found near the walls, filled with cool clear water for those that arrive at the city after their long journey.


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PostSubject: Re: City Outskirts   City Outskirts I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 2:14 pm

City Outskirts 86f41a07-c847-4808-a009-a0e4009311ed_zps3i7gdmc4


Where am I?The outskirts of the city
Who's with me?Solitude
What am I thinking?Hell? Looks like home.

The aresenal:

City Outskirts Goldswirlredgem2DIVIDERBAR

Walking down the streets Gaius found several pedestrians wandering the streets who were willing to provide him directions; these directions of course were to the outskirts of the city, and the great wall that it had erected to defend itself; there beyond the walls lay the mighty desert the locals had called Hell, a pitiful name and hardly representative of the actual underworld; Gaius would know, having visited it on a number of occasions, this desert they had decided to make their personal hell was merely a wasteland resembling his birthplace; it was unpleasant for sure but hardly worth such an impressive title; such formalities were better suited for actually impressive things, such as his bloodline and the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, something actually impressive; this would ring through his mind as he approached the gateway, stepping through into the great desert.

The first feeling of dirt and sand floating in the air, hitting his face, it was magnificent. Everything smelled the same as home, the air, the rocks, it brought him long distant memories, hidden pains, concealed rage. A grimace passed over his face as the feelings resurfaced once more, and he couldn't help but obliterate a rock casually as he passed by it, a single strike turning the stone to little more than dust to be scattered in the wind. A pointless act of random violence, but damn did it feel good to release even a fraction of the emotions bottled inside.

It was now he would look around him, having walked some distance from the city and what light it created, that on the inside would blind one from the area beyond. It was, less impressive from without than from within. It put on a good show but it wasn't at all what it pretended to be, it was like it had a fear of showing weakness. The thought made him smile. Let the rich rot away in fear, it was all the same to him. So long as demonkind still got what it deserved, a swift and painful ending.

He got distracted by a light, faint, like the moon being out preformed in the daytime. Turning his head, then his body, he stared intently at the light, noting that it had a pearly shine to it as well. His lips curled into a grin, and that grin grew wide as he put the pieces together. A valiant effort that would be for naught, he was a hunter, this was the most useless of her tests yet. Why test a hunter if he could do exactly what he was made to do, literally?  It made zero sense, but he wasn't quite used to this at all. A lie, his very existence served as a test.

He put his greatsword back on his back, chuckling at the thoughts running through his head. Such an interesting person he had found himself working for lately. It was going to be very fun indeed, he could tell. He would be pulled from this thought by a swarm of tiny critters emerging from the sand, and with a sigh Gaius began the executions, chuckling as he removed heads from shoulders with yamato as easily as breathing. "This is where the fun begins, and I'm absolutely crazy about it!"

<exit to rocky wastes>

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PostSubject: Re: City Outskirts   City Outskirts I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 6:15 pm

Jabes Tykrel
The Forsaken Warrior

City Outskirts Darkest-Dungeon-Characters-2
Darkest Dungeon OST - "Battle in the Warrens"

Jabes had meandered to the edge of the city, asking for directions and bringing a few supplies for the trip. Grabbing a map, he had directions marked on it. Better to be well-informed than to wander about aimlessly.

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Dalaga Helios

Dalaga Helios

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PostSubject: Re: City Outskirts   City Outskirts I_icon_minitimeFri May 29, 2015 8:00 pm

Dalaga continued his walk, he was still sure that Aros was making a mistake, he also fully planned on chastising her for moving so far away like that when she had just asked for everyone to go, it was quite rude. He had or eye closed as he walked, accessing her provided library as he moved at a steady pace, in no rush just yet. The loud sound of stone being smashed into a ways off made him smile, it was getting interesting. He knew he was behind the others but that mattered little, if she moved on without him he would just have to give the miss a spanking for her impatience.

"one day they will all learn what has befallen them, I look forward to their expressions."
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PostSubject: Re: City Outskirts   City Outskirts I_icon_minitime

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City Outskirts
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