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PostSubject: ⚀ Chamber of Fate ⚀   ⚀ Chamber of Fate ⚀ I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 25, 2018 5:17 am

⚀ Chamber of Fate ⚀ Crysta10
⚀ ⚁ ⚂ ⚃ ⚄ ⚅ Chamber of Fate ⚅ ⚄ ⚃ ⚂ ⚁ ⚀
(Accessible only from The Mysterious Tower )

[ for a moment something felt... strange, a burden to your body, you could feel yourself again, you could feel your heart beat again, the blood in your veins and even hear your breath and quite quickly your sensors returned as your vision faded away from the white you only saw before upon having stepped forth into the door way, you would slowly begin to see you were suddenly somewhere else, a bizarre chamber with a broken statue and crystalline floor's and wall's, a Doorway looms behind With a Barrier Blocking the way with some kind of mystical force that cant be bypassed or negated, preventing any attempt of retreat, this Doorway was the Ark. ]

With the Ark protected by some kind of mystical force that prevents any attempt of retreat, all who enter must face its Master and complete its trial to Progress, those who pass are rewarded with not only the right to freely leave but a Token of their victory, those who fall may not perish but instead find them self warped away to the Room prior to entering the tower in the first place.

a broken statue of a woman sits in the center of the chamber with an ominous blue glow around its edges, its shattered fragments patiently float in the air around it as they wait for someone to draw near and activate them to reveal the governing rule that defines the outcome and fate of the room and its occupants.


Yukino Pashiaka Nustalu
A Blind Mystic and Shaman with a strong connection to Spirits, Nature and life, he acts as a Guide for those who Find them selves lost or for those who seek his Council, for Yukino see's many things yet none are certain in which will become set in stone.

Reynardine "Rash" Sarbet
The Legendary Trickster who bends everything, From Time and Space, To Reality and Nature to his Rules, The Mysterious Tower is His Domain and home to a Series of Tests, Will you Seek his Tower and Face Its Trial's? or Challenge the Trickster Him self?

Vatni Dragon (Aquatic Dragon)
Out of place, out of Time, This Small Stowaway is in for another [i]Big
adventure, but how will he fair when facing his Greatest Rival and Nemesis yet? The Jewel of the Desert Sands, Sonne, City of the Sun.
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⚀ Chamber of Fate ⚀
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