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 The Ember's Glow

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PostSubject: The Ember's Glow   The Ember's Glow I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2018 2:12 am

This large building has a simple exterior, similar to that of a large English Estate in appearance yet once you step within the doors, you are shown a simple wooden interior, small paintings and large furs of strange animals adorn the walls, the floor holds many a rich velvet plush rugs for the utmost of comfort for it's guests. The dark and polished wood the building is made of holds a faint sheen and smoothness, all designed to give the patrons and inhabitants the most out of their stay. For those that have little to no Xel that wish to spend a night or two, they are given the ground and first floor rooms, simple yet clean cotton sheets, a simple rug and sparsely adorned rooms are available for use while those that seek for the royal treatment are given the rooms on the fifth floor, each room much larger and lavishly adorned in all manner of opulence. The dining area on the ground floor holds a large stone fireplace that offers warmth on the coldest of nights and is the centerpiece of the inn, travelers may spin tales of their adventures to their audience within or just simply relax and remain unnoticed and hidden in the shadows, yet no matter the variety of patrons it somehow has a way of soothing it's guests from their weary travels and offer peaceful respite for all who enter for a mug of ale or the finest of wines.


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The Ember's Glow
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