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 Tartreg Ricerom the Aegisal

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PostSubject: Tartreg Ricerom the Aegisal   Tartreg Ricerom the Aegisal I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 02, 2012 9:02 am

Name: Tartreg Ricerom
Apparent Age: 24
True Age: Near beginning of time. Ancient for short.
Gender: Male
Race: Aegisal (Ancient Gaurdian)
Relationship Status: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual

Calm Look:

Tartreg Ricerom the Aegisal Aionwa11

Unrestrained Look:

Tartreg Ricerom the Aegisal Pzo90110

Height: 12 Nars (6'3”)
Weight: 25 Gols (175 Lbs)
Body Build: Slender, Lean muscular
Eye Color: Green / Grey
Hair color: Pure white

Quiet time
Surrounded by elements
Trying new foods (not many out there for him)
Pondering things others would not think about

Not being in the loop

Usually a calm, cool collected being, He tends to view the world around him in a different light then most other races. He can be a big smart-ass at times, coming from a logical mind honed by countless eons of thought and experiences. He is quick to point out others mistakes, sometimes directly, other times leading them in annoying circles to reach the conclusion that they have made a mistake seemingly on their own. He does not typically see himself as a smart-ass though, rather that he is just trying to help others see how to better themselves. Sometimes he is a bit excessive, but he stops either when he sees its time or when someone points out that it is time.

He is a very selfless being most of the time. He always helps out those around him, as long as it is in his power to. He is very patient and can wait a LONG time for things to happen or events to unfold. Many times he is able to manipulate how those events unfold, although he chooses not to sometimes to see how people have grown.

He is a very intelligent being, having gathered knowledge from eons of experiences, but he does not know anywhere near everything. He always learns new things, but usually requires very little information to understand even the most intricate details of how things work. He enjoys sharing knowledge, but only to those who show an interest in what he has to teach them.

He tends to get annoyed at slow/stupid people. He does not mind ignorant people, because they can be taught. But once they learn about something and they continue to do it wrong, they become stupid to him, and that tends to annoy him. He tends to forget that people are not like him and do not understand or get things instantly, so he has to constantly keep himself in check from not blowing up on people, although he does not always succeed.....

He also HATES being interupted. Not in what he says, but in things that he is doing. Whether it be him concentrating, meditating, relaxing, or anything else that he is focusing on, if he gets interupted and it is not a good reason, he gets annoyed. If he gets annoyed too much in a row, he is liable to... change.

The Aegisal were a race of beings that came to life almost near the beginning of time. They were brought to life all at once, and there was a set number of them. Only a few thousand. They did not know it at first, but they were all connected to each other deeper than they could ever understand. Each of them were brought into the universe with the ability to control/manipulate a single element.

They were given a scroll that told them that they were to be Gaurdians. They were to guard various other races of the universe, preventing those races from extinction. The scroll also informed them that although they would not die from age, they could still be killed. So they must be careful. Lastly the scroll told them that they were all connected. But it did not say how.

The Aegisal Spread out through the galaxy to their intended locations, and began their long watch over the inhabitants of thousands of races. Any time that something threatened to destroy a race entirely, the beings would intervene to the best of their abilities. Not all succeeded though. This was the time that something happened that brought both understanding and confusion to all the Aegisal. For those that died, their element was transferred to another Aegisal. So they were connected. Those that gained a new element learned that they could start to combine them. They also realized that they had total mastery over the new element, as the knowledge and experience of the Aegisal that had died before them was transferred to them with the element.

Over the eons, races learned of the Aegisal, and they both feared them and coveted their power. Not understanding that the Aegisal were there to help them, many races hunted down their gaurdian, and instead of trying to kill each other, they focused on killing the gaurdian. Under the combined might of the growing races, the Aegisal Gaurdians began to fall, one by one. For all the races could reproduce and their populations grew, where as the Aegisal could not reproduce.

Soon there were only a few Aegisal left. And many of the races could travel through space. The Aegisal had to convene together and try to combine their might to save their race. But when it was apparent that we stood no chance, and it was me and one last of my bretheren, my worst fear was almost realized. Extinction. He looked at me and said, “I leave the survival of our race in your hands. You will have control of all the elements in the known universe. You alone will be able to combine them in ways unknown. And you will be the one to survive.” With that he killed himself, and as I watched, as all the knowledge from my entire race entered me, a side of me released that I did not know was there. Alone against the armies of the races that hunted us, facing them all at once, I understood. I suddenly could understand every little detail of their ships, their lives, their thoughts, their weapons, and their weaknesses. And I exploited it all at once. With a power I did not know I had, I instantly destroyed all of their ships, annihilating all of the armies that faced me. And after that defeat, they stopped hunting me.

Now I wander the universe, going where I believe I'm needed. I still prevent the total annihilation of races. But I also help with smaller tasks. I decided never again to just help in the prevention of extinction, but to help wherever needed, so races understood that I was there to help them, so I never had to unleash the terrible power that I had deep within me.

Traits: Fast, Acrobatic, Intelligent, Adaptable, Creative, Photographic memory, Patient, Wise, Strategist,


Extremely fast perception: eyes see events at a faster frames per second rate than most races, allowing him to see things happen in slow motion during battle, but it takes some focus to to it.

Elemental manipulation: Can mold/manipulate any element into whatever form is desired to fit the situation. Can move them at will without touching them.

Elemental mastery: Can mold multiple elements together for various effects.

Summon Elemental Dragon: Can create an elemental dragon of any element, Takes much time and concentration.

(All skills are limited by his creativity, willpower, emotions, and the amount of the element he has on hand or can gather. He cannot create an element out of nothing. He always has to think and adapt on his feet to the situation to survive. He can gather elements from vast distances, but it takes time to do so. Also he can create the element he needs by combining other elements nearby, granted that when combined they actually make what he needs.)

If annoyed too much, he may lose control, his form changing into a dark form of himself, and his powers increasing. But he loses his calm coolness and his ability to truly understand the situation. Like a beserk, he can deal a lot of damage, but he leaves himself open to attack. Does not happen often.

Sometimes it takes time to gather the resources he needs. If he does not have them on hand or nearby he may be SoL.


All are dead and are a part of him now

“The oldest broom knows all the corners of the house.”


-Vial of an extremely dense metal in liquid form until pulled out, in which it can be shaped and solidified instantly.
-A leather pouch with a small, spherical, pitch black stone about the size of a baseball. It is called Malexandrite. It is his original element. The amount he has here is the total amount in the entire universe that is known. Its qualities is that it is absolutely indistructible. It does not get scratched and as such cannot be cut, chipped, exploded, incinerated, or obliterated in any way shape or form. The only way it can be changed is with My mastery over it. It is the heaviest, most dense material known. The amount that I have weighs in at an equivalent of 750 Lbs. The only way I can even move it is with my powers. The pouch that holds it is a special pouch made specifically for it, with an anti-gravitational device woven into it to make it so that the contents are weightless.
-A small black leather pouch sealed firmly shut. Can only be opened with my abilities. Inside is basically a portal to a small pocket dimension, basically a special pouch that is made for holding a very specific material. Only that material can be placed inside it.
A couple of small vials with various elements in them, including but not limited to water, diamonds, Hydrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorous, and an odd color changing flame that does not burn out.
-A specialized capacitor on the back of his belt holds and immense electrical charge with a solar panel on the top. The Charge can be depleted quickly or slowly, but once depleted, it takes a full day of direct sunlight to recharge fully. The electricity, as long as it is controlled, can be put back in if unused, but the minute it hits something as an attack it is lost inside the thing attacked.
-A handle made for a blade hangs on his belt, but it has no blade on it. Usually the metal from the First vial is used as a blade for this handle.

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