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 new character and new to the forum :D

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PostSubject: new character and new to the forum :D   Tue Dec 04, 2012 6:53 pm

Wicyaer Solarin Daraconis

B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n

Apparent Age and True Age↔Looks about 5000/Is old as the universe's creation
Race↔dragon lord alpha
Relationship Status↔Single
Orientation↔bisexual but slightly more female oriented

M o r e I n f o r m a t i o n

Height/Weight↔Height 22 feet weight 1 ton
Body Build↔well built and stocky from a long time fighting with heavy swords in wars
Eye Color↔red
Hair Color↔no hair/aquamarine scales
other scalens possibly dragons
being leashed or ordered around like a lackey
dragon slayers
overemotional drama
cheap moves in fights/none arena standard fighting
overpowered weaponry/armor
Personality↔generally laid back and relaxed except when another person starts the fight enjoys both war and peace but will fight long and hard to protect loved ones boound by codes of honor and wise after how much he has witnessed
Bio↔Spirit born upon the cataclysm of destiny's passing which also triggered the beginning of the universe cast down to the first planet with life to attempt to give the first suitable intelligence this turned out to be the race of dragons. Over time humans rose under the dragon guidance but instead of taking this knowledge and gaining supreme intelligence they turned to war forming dragon slayers and knights
Wicyaer is the leader of the dragons of qlagoumolrq the world the dragons retreated to once humans took over and the world of which they defended to the bitter end during the human invasion, this bitter end was a curse layed down by the humans to spend 1 life in the human world in suffering and without an empire now he and 9 of his brethren are fighting to build up an empire on this new hostile world hoping that some day they may rise against the humans while the earth cries out for the human elimination before their destructive technologies kill the earth they inhabit
Traits↔skilled in diplomacy assassination and fighting
Flaws↔maintaining personal relationships unless the partner is willing to take control and guide... wicyaer is blind to affection and emotion after a lifetime of hatred
Special Abilities↔elemental control over fire, ice and lightning including buffs shields and bolts
psionic abilities such as telekinesis and mental environment control bending the world and his own shape but refuses to bend the will of others but has a resistance to it
Weakness ↔ resistant to some diseases but pestilence is a strong issue and the void is a major weakness
will not attack loved ones so can be weak if one turns

O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n

Fears↔no true fears but the shadow walker known as theta is a hate but not a true fear
Family↔none/all deceased
Extra↔many scars from long wars
Motto(s)↔too busy teaching to have learned
too busy leading to have earned
too busy feeding to have tasted cruel hunger
or the bleeding bitter anger of the cold spurned souls you burned
the second comeing's going to hurt
Created By↔Louthinator
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Sakura Lunaris

Sakura Lunaris

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PostSubject: Re: new character and new to the forum :D   Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:02 pm

Approved for Roleplay


Current Theme Song
I'm a sucker for the bishounen anti-hero

I shaull aulwauws shonu loru shu miin fir wie ♥️
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new character and new to the forum :D
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