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Funeral of Smiles

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Cethelia Fei


Funeral's Souls Warrior-anime-girl-wallpaper-1280x8
B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n

Name Cethelia Fei (fay)
Apparent Age and True Age Looks 16 years old/Is 19 years old
Race Breton (mage-type human)
Relationship Status Single
Orientation Bi-curious

M o r e I n f o r m a t i o n

Height/Weight 5'9", 142lbs
Body Build slim/athletic
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Gray
♥ The wind
♥ Dogs
♥ Birds singing
♥ Games
♥ Exploring
✖ Surprises
✖ Fighting in general
✖ Cats
✖ Too much noise
✖ Nagging/Whining
Personality Calm, collected, level-headed. Tries to avoid fighting when possible.
Bio Cethelia was born into the continent of Tamriel, in a country known as Cyrodill, a land stricken with civil war. She was brought up to be a fighter, one that could take care of herself in a harsh world that was full of violence and death. When she was 13, she went exploring out on her own with no one's permission. She had climbed halfway up a mountain when she discovered a cave. Upon entering the cave, the floor ground under her gave way, dropping her into a large open cavern. In the cavern, she found a large wall with a dragon head carved atop it. There were strange markings in the wall; some sort of language that she had never seen before. She was, however, able to understand just one of the words on the wall: "Fus". She read aloud. The word echoed her head, and it was as if she had just been granted a marvelous power. She did not know what it meant, but she felt that she was meant to be there for some strange reason. As she left the cave, the word continued ringing around her head like a fly that would not go away. It became so unbearable that she felt like she needed to scream so as to drown out the word, but as she did, the word made it's was to her lips, and she shouted it out like a lunatic: "FUS!!!" As the word left her mouth, it brought with it a large blast of energy that pushed the trees aside. Astounded, Cethelia rushed back down the mountain towards her village. As she neared it, she began to feel tremors and she heard what seemed to be like several voices speaking in an incomprehensible language. The people of her village had heard it too, and upon asking about it, someone told her that it was the call of the Greybeards, masters of the Thu'um, or "Voice", and that they were summoning the Dragonborn to their keep. She told her parents about what had happened in the mountains, and they knew what had to be done. They packed up her gear and explained to her that they were going to take her to High Hrothgar, the Graybeards keep atop the tallest mountain known as Throat of the World. There, they would take her in, and she would not be able to see her parents for a long time. She understood, and agreed to it. After another day's trip, they reached the keep, and Cethelia was introduced to the Greybeards, who saw promise in the young girl. After a sad goodbye, her parents took their leave, and Cethelia began training not long after. She has been on hundreds of journey's in her 7 years of being the Dragonborn, and she has become a master of the voice, Thane to most of the Kings of the nine great holds, and even helped end the civil war in her land. She now travels Tamriel and watches over as it's protector and guardian.
Traits Close-range combat, magic, stealth
Flaws Long-range combat
Special Abilities Thu'um - an incantation that invokes powerful magic to work for you. (cooldown rate at 1 post per shout, 3 for Storm Call)
Shout list:
Animal Allegiance - A shout for help from the beasts of the wild, who come to fight in your defense.
Aura whisper - Your voice is not a shout, but a whisper, revealing the life forces of any and all.
Become Ethereal - Your voice reaches out into the void, changing you into a form that cannot harm, or be harmed.
Call of Valor - The valiant of the underworld hear your Voice, and journey beyond space and time to lend aid.
Clear Skies - The land yields itself to the Thu'um, as you clear away fog, rain, storms, and other inclement weather.
Disarm - Your shout defies steel, as you rip your opponents weapon from their grasp.
Dismay - And the weak shall fear the Thu'um, and flee in terror.
Dragonrend - Your voice lashes out at a dragon's very soul, forcing the beats to land.
Drain Vitality - Coax both magical and mortal energies form your hapless opponent.
Elemental Fury - The Thu'um imbues your arms with the speed of wind, allowing for faster weapon strikes.
Fire Breath - Inhale air, exhale flame, and behold the Thu'um as inferno.
Frost Breath - Your breath is winter, your Thu'um a blizzard.
Ice Form - Your Thu'um freezes and opponent solid.
Kyne's Peace - Your voice soothes wild beasts, who lose their desire to fight or flee.
Marked for Death - Speak, and let your voice herald doom, as an opponent's armor and life force are weakened.
Slow Time - Shout at time, and command it to obey, as the world around you stands still.
Soul Tear - Your Thu'um cuts through flesh and shatters soul, commanding the will of the fallen.
Storm Call - A shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of lightening.
Throw voice - The Thu'um is heard, but it's source unknown, fooling those into seeking it out.
Unrelenting Force - Your voice is raw power, pushing aside anything - or anyone - who stands in your path.
Whirlwind Sprint - The Thu'um rushes forward, carrying you in it's wake with the speed of a tempest.

Other abilities:
Breton blood grants partial resistance to all types of magic.
Dragonskin - Absorb all magic for a short period of time. (only usable once a day)

Weakness Long battles tire her out, and she is exhausted quicker than most other warriors.

O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n

Fears She is afraid of dying.
Family Mother and Father, unable to contact.
Extra She wears a lightweight, sturdy armor made from an alloy consisting of Titanium, Copper, and Manganese. This armor is stronger than steel and almost as lightweight as aluminum.
Motto(s)What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I should know...
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The White Knight

The White Knight

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Funeral's Souls Whiteglint
Everyday I fight the colossuses in hope that one day I will find the one I love. Is she truly real or do I fight for a pointless cause. I fight looking For Awnser.

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Funeral's Souls
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