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 Xander Blythe's Speed Demons

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Xander Blythe

Xander Blythe

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PostSubject: Xander Blythe's Speed Demons   Xander Blythe's Speed Demons I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 1:36 pm

Xander Zirilian Blythe

Aerosillia's Blink

Xander Blythe's Speed Demons Rejected-1
B a s i c I n f o r m a t i o n

NameXander Zirilian Blythe
Apparent Age and True AgeLooks and actually is 20 years old
Relationship StatusSingle

M o r e I n f o r m a t i o n

Height/Weight6' 3". 162 pounds.
Body BuildAthletically Chiselled
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorWhite
♥Golden Rolex Wrist watches
♥Golden Women
♥Golden Jewellry
♥Golden Gold
✖Morning Dew
✖Slippery Things
PersonalityThe best way to describe Xander's personality is...odd. Because of his speed, he has accidentally run through the time stream on multiple occasions. Luckily he has gotten used to running back to this time frame just as many times, but not quite in time to do what he was originally going to do. Because of this, he's not quite sure how much into the future or past he has gone, so he makes references that are just a little bit anachronistic. Other than that, he is a rather nice person. Friendly, happy, and definitely not going to take your coin purse at the speed of light the first chance he gets.
BioXander had a normal childhood. Running through the fields, playing with the other children, being experimented on by his psychotic magic obsessed father. You know, normal kid stuff. Normally, the experiments didn't work. He might be purple for a few days, but never anything really bad. Until he was around the age of 15, just before he was going to leave home to go traveling, his father wanted to do one more experiment, you know, for good ol' time sake.
Knowing he was probably never going to see his father again for a while, he agreed. Channeling all of his "power", his father cast a spell that ACTUALLY worked, causing a magical barrier to cover his son and change the very fabric of this DNA.
Xander now had incredible speed of both mind and body. He could move almost faster than light and could perceive and process everything he heard and saw while moving at the speed. Using this new power, he started his a pretty bumpy start. His father game him the power, but knew nothing about it, so he made many mistakes trying to figure it out.
As he traveled, he learned that his speed was very handy in stealing things, because he could move faster than most people could register. Using this ability, he gained vast amounts of wealth very quickly and without anyone knowing it was him. Using said wealth, he paid for the best weapons training he could afford and picked up the skill of the Katar very quickly. Using them to help defend himself from the harshness of this world and its denizens, that is where he finds himself today.
TraitsStealth, stealing, thinking on his feet.
FlawsXander isnt very good about keeping his thoughts to himself. Most of the time, he says what he's thinking, and because he thinks fairly fast, he usually talks.....a lot. Physically, though, he is not skilled at controlling his speed on slippery surfaces, causing him to go sliding without stop until he gets his footing again.
Special Abilities
Superspeed-Xander is able to move as fast, if not faster, than light. Doing so is very bad because he runs through the space-time continuum on a few occasions. But if kept in control, he has multiple different uses of his speed. These will be described below.
Intangibility-Using his speed, and immense concentration, Xander can vibrate his molecules through solid objects. Normally, he passes through the objects without harm, but if the concentration fades or if he chooses to, his molecules could knock the original object's molecules out of position, causing the object to explode.
Water Running-Xander has the ability to run across the water by stepping on the surface of the water and solidifying it for just a brief moment to run across it.
Time Travel-Even though he does it by accident and never intends to do it on purpose, it still happens. Once he hits a certain speed, Xander runs through time, appearing in any place and time. He can do the same thing to get back, but it wont be in the same place that he left from, and it could be a few days from when he left. He will never appear in a time that he already exists.
Increased Brain Function and Speed-Because of the magic flowing through him, Xander brain is able to process more and react faster to problems and other things. Specifically his Reflex Cortex. If he is aware of an attack, but in normal cases wouldnt be able to dodge it, the reflex cortex kicks in and gets him out of the way of death. He could still be harmed depending on the attack, but he would be alive.
Weakness Because of the speed that Xander moves all the time, his metabolism is constantly going, constantly burning the fat. To counteract this, Xander must eat a lot, and very often. Also, he is just as human as anyone else. If someone were to run him through with a sword or snap his neck, he still dies, no matter how fast he is.

O t h e r I n f o r m a t i o n

FearsXander is scared of what EXACTLY his father did to him. He doesn't know if its immense magic that gives him his power or a demon, or even if whatever has happened to him is going to cause him to stop being human altogether.
FamilyHe has a father, but he isn't sure if he still lives or not. Without Xander to experiment on, he could have started doing it to himself, and that might have ended his life. Xander isn't sure.
ExtraHe has a large tattoo on his chest of a sharp and swirling dragon design.
Motto(s)Come on, step it up!
Created ByXander Blythe

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Sakura Lunaris

Sakura Lunaris

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PostSubject: Re: Xander Blythe's Speed Demons   Xander Blythe's Speed Demons I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 1:42 pm

Approved for Roleplay


Xander Blythe's Speed Demons Big_4974347
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Xander Blythe's Speed Demons
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