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Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!] 89530310-8d49-45b4-adb7-106a412f18e0_zpsfe367bc3


 Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!]

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Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!] Empty
PostSubject: Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!]   Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!] I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 02, 2012 10:47 am

I expect that many of you are many patrons of sites that include roleplaying so the rules are quite obvious. Though, for those new to roleplaying in general, I shall still post the rules here! Enjoy~

  • There shall be no derogatory terms to be used against other people in the OOC, or anywhere else. Characters who are racist or incredibly rude are understandable and those who are offended should realize that its just roleplaying, not real life.

  • Romance is GREATLY encouraged in Sanctuary of Aerosillia, however, you MUST still follow your character's morals and norms. Meaning, a vampire would unlikely be seen hooking up with a werewolf. With the subject of romance, 'cybering' or online sexual activities between characters are not frowned upon on this forum. Though, I do still ask to 'fade to black' and take it to the PMs. This is a roleplay, not a place were you can get a quick fix, understand?

  • No powerplaying, god-modding, Gary or Mary Sues, or meta-gaming (people sometimes do not know the term meta-gaming so feel free to ask me in the OOC or a PM what that is exactly) for all those are common rules in the roleplaying world. I know when I see any of those rules being broken. Breach of this rule shall result in permanent character death.

  • I am not going to say, like most roleplays, that MY WORD IS LAW. No, it is far from it, this place is meant to express creativity and allow people to do what they want. (but understand that there could be consequences in-character for certain actions) If a fight has broken out between two members regarding powerplaying, god-modding, or anything of the likes I will TALK to you about it and not just place judgement on something I may not understand. With that, please understand I am mostly here for you guys, I want you all to have just as fun as I will. I don't want to have to bring out the banner hammer.

  • Respect the admins and moderators! Do not argue with them either. If you feel that a staff member has violated your rights, feel free to tell an admin. We will deal with all matters of violation seriously and promptly.

  • No Spamming. This is not only annoying but it causes confusion and irritation towards the other members.

  • If you aren't a moderator or admin, don't act like one! If I see some random member sticking their nose into profile approvals, they shall get a warning before punishment. Only those with permission to do so shall grade your profile on if it is approved.

  • One character cannot be in two places at a time. This is a huge cause of confusion to all concerned as well as being quite an annoying thing.

  • Keep OOC (out of character) comments to the chat room, pm, or non-RP topics.

  • Before you start role-playing you must have an approved profile. Posting in the roleplay threads before being approved will result in the post being immediately deleted upon sight.

  • Proper grammar and punctuation is encouraged; text talk is not. This is a site for Moderate to Advanced roleplay and as such some effort is expected in the posts.

  • Posts must be at least 5 lines long outside of battle but it is also encouraged to do so at all times.


  • Lastly, please note that this roleplay is meant to be rated Mature, as Vampires, Changelings, and Demons are full of sexual deviants. Teasing is not going to get you banned but full-blown sex could.

Rules thanks to Takeshi Kage

  • Disclaimer: Please note that the artwork, images and works on this site are used and altered as fan content and that staff and administration do not claim ownership of any images placed upon the site. We are happy to use your images to aid in promotion of artwork but all works, edited or original all belong to their respective owners. Any resemblance to persons, living or deceased is purely coincidence and are not based on reality.

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Rules...We has them...[Must Read!!!]
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