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New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters) 89530310-8d49-45b4-adb7-106a412f18e0_zpsfe367bc3


 New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters)

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PostSubject: New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters)   New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters) I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 26, 2018 10:54 am

New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters) Pixiv.Id.7852708.full.1982359
Rowen Arthanis


The Bloody Hound, The Lost Knight

Sword for Hire

True Neutral

Appeared Age: (Optional)

Actual Age:

Date of Birth: (Optional)

Place of Birth: (Optional)

Home Origin:





Family: (Optional)

Played By:
Takeshi Kage

Average Height:


Build: (Optional)

Natural Eye Color:

Alt Eye Color: (Optional)

Skin Color:

Hair Color:

Defining Features: (Optional)

  • Pointed Ears (Transformed)
  • Tattoo Beneath Their Right Eye
  • Cracked Horns (Transformed)

Speech Patterns: (Optional)


  • Reading
  • Solitude
  • Fighting
  • Swordsmanship
  • Magic


  • Companionship
  • Narcissism
  • Arrogance
  • Uncertainty
  • Water

(Personality Here)

Do you know what it is like to lose everything? When you are tasked with a quest so crucial to the survival of the world and fail? Have you ever been so dumbstruck by the very thing crashing onto your world? Defeated, you let the handle of your weapon fall from your hand. You accept your failure. You accept your death. You did everything in your power to stop it from happening, even made a deal with a demon, yet you were not strong enough. You never were. Underneath the God-Kings of Enderith, underneath whatever omnipotent being existed long before the creation of this world, underneath the various lords, dukes, and chancellors of this kingdom you suffered. Yet, you fought to the end with pride in your heart. Knowing full well that your King, nay the entire kingdom, would be erased in the time it took for you to breath. Ironcrest, Greycourt, Belhaven, Hashikami, and even the North could not quell the anger of the gods above.

A young knight who trained under Baalgrom, the God-King of the North was tasked with rendering this structure asunder. His name was Rowen Arthanis, an orphaned boy who was taken in by a local royal family. He grew up in a small village on the outskirts of the North called Goldmeadow, a beautiful little hamlet that harvested tons of wheat for the armies of the North. However, in Enderith call good things must come to an end. Goldmeadow was raided by nasty monsters called Urdefhan, demon-worshipping bloodsuckers that stick to the underground. It was horrid, an event that scarred Rowen as a child, but also twisted him into the monster he would become.

To end the descent of the Malduke, Rowen understood what must be done. As a human, there was no possible way to combatant the powers of a God-King, and even Baalgrom feared his strength alone would not be enough. When the Urdefhan invaded Goldmeadow he remembered their chants, their rituals. After raping and pillaging with pleasure, they moved onto sacrificing the survivors in cannibalistic offerings to their demonic lords. Rowen had the unfortunate circumstance of hiding and watching the entire thing conspire. Even his own mother, barely breathing, eaten alive by the Urdefhan. Soon it ended and Rowen was cursed with the knowledge of what happened in Goldmeadow, but it would come into use many years later. A deal with the same demon the Urdefhan worshipped was made. A vessel for the demon, known as Trelmarixian, is all he seeked. In exchange, power. Power that could perhaps stop the Malduke from crashing into their world. The terms were made and the deal was signed in blood.

Soon after, Baalgrom vanished into his castle. Word across the realm that all the God-Kings went mad. Enderith spiraled into chaos. Ironcrest went cold, Greycourt wasted away. Even Hashikami was cut from the rest of the world when the mountains collapsed upon themselves. Without the support of the God-Kings, the people soon followed in the madness. It was up to Rowen and him alone to end the Malduke’s fall or the world would soon perish. He fought with all his heart, every thread of muscle, every ounce of strength. Even succumbing to Trelmarixian, letting the demon take fall control, the Malduke smashed into Enderith and wiped away all traces of life. Hence, the end of the First Age of Aerosillia, and presumbly Rowen Arthanis, known as the Blood Hound to all mercenaries across the world. Soon to become the Lost Knight of Enderith.

It was not long for Rowen to awaken. Several years had passed and much has changed. Once called Enderith, the original kingdom that ruled Aerosillia was gone. The Malduke had been successful in erasing the history of the world and beginning anew. However, Rowen was convinced that if the Malduke erased his world that it could also bring it back. Many do not believe him and his originals, but his vast knowledge regarding the Ruins of the Ancients surprised many. When the Malduke rose again, far above the lands of Aerosillia, Rowen was there to watch it rise…

...and he hopes it will not fall again.

Anything extra you want to add about said character: (Optional)
(Purely Optional, don't have to add anything extra but feel free to add things here like Notes about gear they have or use it to purely keep track of things your character might have collected.)

Efficiency: (Optional)

  • Master Swordsman
  • Above Average Magician
  • Master at Endurance
  • Immortal


  • Uncontrollable Anger
  • Possessed by a Demon
  • Will Fight Till the Last Breath
  • True Sorrow

Physical Strength:
7 (9)

7 (5)

4 (9)

5 (1)

7 (3)

Physiology Attributes:

  • The Price is Blood: Rowen has the unique ability to strengthen his own attacks by sacrificing his own blood to the demon that now possesses him. It takes a heavy toll on his health but the exchange for power is beyond unmeasurable. There are several ways Rowen can use these blood powers, such as launching a wave of destructive from a swipe of his sword.

  • Eat Their Heart to Gain Their Powers: The demon, knowing well that the survival of his vessel is important to his own life, has granted Rowen the power to steal the strength, speed, endurance, and natural abilities of those he drinks the blood of. There is no minimum amount needed to do this so even the smallest drop is a death sentence.

  • Demonic Transformation: Taking on the attributes of the demon, Rowen’s natural physiology changes drastically. Though his appearance is most notable, his talents for feats of strength and agility increase dreadfully, becoming on par with a true monster. The drawback is he loses touch with the magic of the world and loses all physical or mental skills. He resorts to wild attacks, though strong, instead of thoughtful and precise strikes.

Combat Abilities:

  • The Magical Arts: Just before his kingdom fell Rowen had taken up learning the magical arts. Some people are born with the natural talent and others, like Rowen, had to learn from rituals and spells. There is no limit to the magic he can tap into, however the kingdom fell before he could master it, leaving him in an endless search for lost knowledge of his people.

  • The Jack-of-All-Trades: Being a knight to the king, Rowen took it upon himself to master as many as weapons as possible. In the world of Aerosillia, there is not a single weapon he cannot use, and is quick to learn how to use new ones every day. Seeing his proficiency with all weapons the king rewarded Rowen with a special, magical item that allows him to carry an unlimited number of weapons. The Gate, a small cube that spits-up whatever weapon Rowen calls out, giving him his own personal armory.

Kill First and Ask Questions Later, The Lifeline of the World is Money

Main Theme:

Battle Theme:

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New Number, Who Dis? (Takeshi Kage's Characters)
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